Bandito Juan presents

John I. Gottschalk / Business guy at Ostrich Banditos / Student at Life

A number of pixel fonts I’ve been working on for a game that is not out yet.Still need to get to the extended character set.
Style Test for a game about Swing-dancing and Life.I had a clear concept of what I wanted to accomplish with the colour-tones to limit work on the animation side, as well as how the arms will work separate from the body animations. Animation style is inspired by games like PoleRiders and Together.Mostly traced from this image, but as I said just a style test:

The small green alien from Super Crate Box. Paper Craft exploded view #3. Used Trixels setting in Hexels.
The first, worst & simplest enemy from Super Crate Box, in the continuation of my Papercraft construction plan set. *Made with Trixels.*
Basic Instruction for my paper-craft version of the main character from Super Crate Box using Trixels (made in the awesome Hexels program).[But seriously put in some proper print options (page size, CMYK etc.) and allow me to move outlines please!]
...I Make Podcasts Instead

When I’m not making games, I’ve recently started making podcasts.

The first ones will feature interviews with Game Designers that I recorded during GDC 2013 about their passion for games!

You can also follow along on its own Tumblr or SoundCloud!

Potato King!One of the characters from Jordi & my card game Potato Knights drawn in Hexels.The King being the core of the army, you have to defeat your opponents king to win the game and keep yours alive. But don’t be too worried they pack quite a punch as well.
O-Ren Ishii vs. The BrideMade with Hex-Ray Studios “Hexels” Program, specifically using Trixels and a lot of outlines.